About us

Our team which has been serving in tourism agency and hospitality side for years is in our new place with a new concept. We wanted tos hare with you all the beauty offered by natüre. Live the peace and tranquility at he foot of the hills in the fragrant garden of Suess Alaçatı. Experience the Chef’s table concept throughout the day by tasting the fruits vegatables and herbs we serve for breakfast which grow in the garden of the region in all seasons. Let you most special events and meeting turm into unforgettable moments in the garden of Suess Alaçatı.Lets meet at the monet where you will feel at home for 12 months everyday of the year in order to accumulate pleasant memories by living the moment.

We will be happy to welcome you.


That make you feel timeless in the wide garden of Suess.Living calmness and peace in the lap of nature wondering the fragnant and lively city of Alaçatı to taste to uniqe dishes and wines of agean. Children of the wind, witnessing international surfing competitions in the center of attraction of surf lovers